Racing Games

Racing games are intended for players who love adventures and cars. There are many online games like: Car Racing games, in which players have to get the highest score possible and avoid crashing into other cars during the race.  In "Cars Up", players have to collect money bags and drive as fast as they can in order to earn points, in "Game Racer" players have to collect money, lives and time in order to get the best score.

Racing games develop player's coordination,  speed, strategic thinking and confidence. Racing games are divided into categories such as: "Most Played Games",  "Bike Racing Games", "Car Racing Games" and "New Games".  Players can take part in all kinds of races including:car racing games,cargames, games car, BMX, trucks, firefighters, 3D motorbike, bikes, buggy' Formula 1 and more. Players can do stunts with their bikes, play parking games, race on ice, ride on a police bike and more.

There are no limits to what players can do on cool racing games, all they have to do is choose a category, read the instructions and start playing.  The ratings of the games and number of views help players decide which games to choose. Racing games pump uo the adrenaline and are addictive, you can play for hours and loose sense of time. You can play with your friends or compete with other players on the web.  They will try to block you, push your car off the tracks and you must stay in control in order to win.