Sony’s PlayStation 3 2013, or PS3 2013, is the renowned video game console and the most powerful one of three major gaming machines, Now in a slick and new slim design. It features processing power and graphical abilities, which include Full HD 1080p video resolution, that make every game look and feel amazing. It supports and relies heavily on Blu-ray technology that presents video games as never before, but it will also play all those classic PS1 and PS2 games. With PS3 2013 you can connect to the internet, play in a huge gaming network and download loads of extra content that will highly enrich your gaming experience.

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PS3 2013 is a gaming console that appeals both to the casual gamers who require an easy approach to gaming and for the hardcore players who demand refined power. In many ways, this gaming console is a reflection of latest steps in technology, whether it is Blu-ray discs that contain hard drive space as much as 6 times more than a DVD, high definition resolution that makes everything film-like, or powerful processors that support the most hardcore games of today and tomorrow. It is armed with a wireless DualShock 3 controller that includes pressure sensors and motion sensors. It uses a trusted Bluetooth connection that never fails even in long ranges.
Sony has already made a big name for itself in the field of gaming. From their first legendary console they have shown to the world a better way of playing games, and they kept doingthatevery day since. The new PlayStation 3 2013 delivers a gaming experience like never before, but that’s not only what it is about. The PS3 is a media center that can also be used as a music player, a DVD Player, a Blu-ray Player, and it will support almost any type of video or photos you might have. All media options are beautifully presented and easy to activate. The PS3 will make all your other players pretty much redundant.

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PlayStation 3
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