Enjoy playing online games? Dream about getting a new iPad? Now you can combine your two loves and get free iPad 3. This third generation Apple product is like nothing you’ve seen before and it can be yours, if you win one of your favourite games such as: action, racing, shooting, puzzles, skills, football and many more. GNG, the number one games’ site, gives you great prizes in amazing tournaments, including this latest tablet.

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In order to win iPad 3 all you have o do is get the highest score in a game. You can participate in numerous games and increase your chances of winning. If you have quick moves, try racing, shooting or adventure games. If you like numbers, try out some math games and if you like sports, go for basketball, tennis etc.

Once you are declared the winner, the amazing device will be delivered to your home. The free iPad 3 is equipped with retina display and an advanced graphic processor, high quality camera, HD video recording and many other advanced features. Now you can watch films, browse the web, listen to music and play online games with a tablet that includes the newest technology available. You will feel a sense of pride in winning such a worthy gift and save the money you put aside, to buy something else. Playing games is not only fun, exciting and challenging, it is also rewarding. With site like GNG, you can have endless fun while playing many types of games and winning great prizes.

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Apple iPad 3
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