Questions and Answers

How to Collect Coins  (Token ) ?

  • Watch youtube video that shows how to collect coins on Gifts N Games
  • Once you have accumulated enough points in the game, 
  • You must click on the Collect coins to earn the coins on the site. Where it appears? It appears on the right side next to the check of coins
  • The sum of the coins gained from each game is your weighted score, in relation to the score obtained by the other players in this game.
  • Wish you had more coins? Great, all you have to do in order to get more coins is utilizing your skills in order to perform tasks from the "Tasks List"
How to Receive more coins: (Tasks List)
Offer wall to get more coins To get coins instantly and get credit in games 
Offer wall 2 to get more coins To get coins instantly and get credit in games

Search with us on google (Get credit in  game ) You use Google anyway  so why not get credit for it with your searches and make this for your homepage ?

How many coins i can get in games ?

The amount of coins is determined by: 
70% skill in the game, 
30% credit for completing tasks on Gifts N Games (More tasks get more credit in the game)

How to Win Prizes ?
All prizes are free of charge and each prize in the inventory specifies the number of coins needed in order to get it.
Want to get the prize now but you don't have enough coins? No problem! Use your coins to turn "The Wheel of Fortune" or get into "The Winning Offer" and you can immediately win a prize.


Can I participate in the coins Bonus experience  using a mobile and tablet  device ?


Offer wall 2 to get more coins To get coins instantly and get credit in games mobile and tablet (Recommended watch videos 


Are there limits on how much I can win?

There is no overall limit on how much you can win at Gifts And Games.

Are the Prizes new?
The prizes are completely new and are delivered in their original packaging, along with the importer's warranty certificate.

Why did my Coins  disappear  ?
If you have not done any task more than two days, the coins you earned on other days you are not considered

How do I receive the Prize on Gifts N Games ?
The prize is either sent through registered mail or personally handed to the winner in the company's offices, in exchange for presenting an ID.
The company reserves the right to transfer a sum of money equal to the prize's value, to the winner's Paypal account or give the winner an Amazon coupon.

Which countries Gifts And Games ship the winning prizes ?
Gifts And Games send prizes  anywhere in the world that has a Mail